RAISING UNSELFIES! Why Empathy Is Key to Real Success, Happiness, and Resilience and Proven Ways to Nurture It In Kids

Of course, we want our kids to be successful and happy, but stirring new research says we may be missing what matters most in helping kids thrive: empathy! And teens today are 40 percent less empathetic than they were just a generation ago; narcissism has increased 58 percent. But empathy can be cultivated in children, starting even before they can talk, and you’ll learn compelling research that explains how to impart this key skill to our kids.  Culled from 30 years of research and traveling the world to find the best solutions, Dr. Borba shares why empathy is a skill that’s vital for children’s mental health, resilience, leadership skills, and job success, and inspiring stories of successful, happy kids who also are kind, moral, courageous, and resilient (and how their parents helped raise them).


Best yet, you’ll learn dozens of easy ways to help your child learn simple habits that cultivate empathy and instill kindness, courage, and confidence. Dr. Borba’s revolutionary new framework for nurturing empathy from her latest book, Unselfie, is a call to action to transform the way we parent. Empathetic kids will thrive in the future, but the seeds of success must be planted today—one empathetic habit at a time. This session will show you those essential steps and dozens of ways to nurture them in children from toddler to teen.


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Michele Borba, Ed.D.

Internationally Renowned Educator, Best-selling Author

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