with past DPU guest Lisa Damour

“Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Parenting Under COVID-19”


Wednesday, May 20th, 5-6pm

Dr. Damour explains the psychological science key to understanding how stress and anxiety operate, both under everyday conditions and at times of heightened concern and disruption. Join us to learn more about:

· how to keep pressure and tension from reaching toxic levels

· how to parent effectively in the current circumstances

· the most reliable strategies for managing ongoing stress

2019-20 SPEAKERS

January 8th, 2020
7-9pm Brunelle Theater
Yalda T. Uhls, MBA, Ph.D.

Internationally recognized, award-winning research scientist (UCLA), speaker and author who left the movie world at MGM and Sony to study child development and the science of how media affect children.

Is social media ruining our kids? How much internet activity is too much? What do FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), sexting, and selfies mean for teens? Are you curious about what research says about how media and technology are impacting childhood? Supported by academic research focused on technology, Media Moms & Digital Dads breaks down complex issues in a friendly, accessible fashion, making it a highly useful and, ultimately, reassuring read for anyone worried about the impact that media might be having on young minds.  

October 16th, 2019
7-9pm Brunelle Theater
Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Award-winning journalist, author and speaker based in the Washington, DC, area who regularly writes for the Atlantic, Fortune, USA Today’s magazines, Washington Post, and Working Mother.

Every parent experiences that feeling of irritation, shame, embarrassment, or frustration: why can’t my kid behave? And now, with digital distractions everywhere and disapproving grandparents looking on, it seems like today’s kids are having a harder time than ever maintaining self-control. Are we crazy, or is kids’ behavior really worse now than ever before?

Our Moderator
Pamela Wu

Director of Communications and Media Relations for UC Davis Health & Contributing Host for Capital Public Radio

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