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2024-25 SPEAKERS

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October 30, 2024
Brunelle Hall, 7 - 9 pm PDT
Ned Johnson

National bestselling author, speaker, and educator

With research-backed guidance, relatable scenarios, and instructive dialogues, Ned will discuss:

  • How to communicate with our kids to deepen the parent-child connection and build skills, resilience, and motivation

  • How and why to be a non-anxious presence in your family

  • How to navigate hard conversations about homework, bedtime, screen time, and more

  • How to help kids conquer their fears and anxieties and pursue activities that bring joy and happiness

  • How to become trusted allies to our kids and promote their autonomy

Jessica Lahey headshot.jpg
Gift of Failure book jacket.jpg
The Addiction Innoculation book jacket.png
January 29, 2025
Virtual Event, 7 - 8:30 pm PST
Jessica Lahey

New York Times bestselling author, educator, and speaker

Armed with cutting-edge research, humor, and a wealth of life experience, Jessica will discuss material from both The Gift of Failure and

The Addiction Inoculation, including:


  • The science of learning, motivation, and engagement, and its relationship to substance abuse prevention

  • Evidence-based practices for raising autonomous, competent, connected, and fulfilled young people

  • Concrete, practical language to help parents communicate more effectively with their kids around challenging topics like substance use

  • Myth-busting revelations regarding adolescents and substance use

  • How competence and self-efficacy boost motivation to learn and prevent substance use

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Our Moderator
Pamela Wu

Director of News and Media Relations for

UC Davis Health

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