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DPU Representatives 2020-21


Abby Koenig & Jenny Canfield



Shelley Dowling



Debra Brayton



Christoph Lossin

Founding Chair and

Co-Chair Emerita:

Jodi Liederman

Elementary Schools

Birch Lane: Alison Bright

Cesar Chavez: Open

Korematsu: Christina Brusca

Marguerite Montgomery: Kelly Heung

North Davis: Open

Patwin: Whitney Bowman

Pioneer: Lisa Herrington

St. James: Jennifer Harrison

Willett: Brandy Sargent

Secondary Schools

DaVinci:  Lynn Fowler and

Michelle Livingston

Davis High School: Open

Emerson: Inez Rohan Sanchirico

and Karen MacDonald

Harper: Debora Paterniti

Holmes: Abby Koenig

Member-at-Large:  Christy Freese